Why Choose LED Grow Lights?

by Charles S.

LED Growing Lights
When you want the best grow lights, LED lights are your best option. Custom order your LED grow lights specific to your plants needs and grow environment. Blue is good for vegetative and red is good for flowering and budding, you can choose the ratio of the red and blue for a more efficient light specific to your plants needs and environment.


ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Up to 80% more enery efficient than traditional lighting
MONEY SAVING – Lower monthly energy bills and save as much as 40%
LAST LONGER-No expensive bulbs to replace
VERSATILE – Can be used with any indoor growing method – hydroponics, aeroponics, and soil
DISCREET – No thermal footprint – undetectable
MONEY SAVING – No wasted energy or extra cooling equipment needed
REFLECTIVE FINISH- Promotes uniform coverage and ensures maximum light delivery
SAFE TO OPERATE – No risk of fire or exploding bulbs. Cool to the touch and safe for children
LIGHTWEIGHT – .5 lbs – no ballast required
SHOCK and VIBRATION- Resistant to drops that would normally break traditional light bulbs
LAST LONGER- 50,000 hour life cycle

**Please allow 30 days for any custom order LED plant lights**.

All Blue Vegetative Efficient LED growlight products are inexpensive and effective. By using blue LED grow lights during the vegetative period you get better efficiency by only giving your plants the desired spectrum needed for photosynthesis.

Full cycle efficient LED growlight products emit very little heat and no burns when close to the plants. Utilize full cycle led grow lights. LED lights will last for the entire life of your plants, save electricity, less heat, very efficient.

Efficient flowering LED growing lights. 5:2:1:1:1 Enhanced Spectrum Red/Red/Blue/Orange/White – Utilize the specific colors your plants absorb during flowering.

LED plant lights are available in various wattage. By having LEDs that emit light with wavelengths close to chlorophyl’s absorption peaks LED grow lights are able to grow more efficiently than full spectrum lights. LED grow lights are nature friendly from every possible stand point. First of all, as you may already know, LED grow lights and LED technology in general is highly energy efficient. Moreover, LED grow lights do not contain any heavy metals whatsoever. Traditional grow lights, on the other hand, contain mercury and other heavy metals. Another advantage which is found useful by many of its users is the immediate start. As opposed to say HID lamps that take one minute or more to start, LED grow lights/lamps start immediately.

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