The Four Common Types of Outdoor Lighting

by Charles S.

Outdoor lighting plays an integral role in illuminating homes, stores, and office buildings. Different facilities and plants rely on outdoor lighting fixtures to add value to security. When you plan to install the outdoor lighting, you need to understand the categories available and their role. This will help you narrow down your choice and choose the correct fixtures to complement the building and enhance its appearance and security. The following is a review of the common types of outdoor lighting.

Flood Lights

The floodlights are installed to provide illumination over a wide area. These wide-spanning lights offer protection to property and individuals from robbery and vandalism. Building and public space can use a single floodlight for illumination. You will find the floodlights in parking lots, stadiums, and other large spaces utilizing a single superior LED spotlight. These types of outdoor lights require a high point of installation so that the illumination can cover a more expansive space.

Landscape Lights

The landscape lights are ideal for both public and private spaces. The fixtures are usually installed in areas like the parking lots, public verandas, and building terraces. The landscape lighting can use different fixtures like spotlights, LED lights, and globes to add more beauty and security to a smaller area. People often install landscape lights to emphasize architectural features and utility to the outdoor space. These lights are usually installed on the ground of at least 8 to 10 feet apart.

Motion Sensor Lighting

The motion lights are installed to detect movements in the illuminated area. The motion sensors are designed to detect infrared waves when an object moves. The lights are turned on automatically when things like animals, cars, or people move within a specified area. The administrator usually sets a timer for the lights to stay on in necessary circumstances. The motion sensor lights are commonly installed in garages, driveways, or alleyways to detect movement in dark hours.


The spotlights are outdoor lighting category that offers direct illumination on key areas or objects. You could use the spotlight to offer good vision and security to things like signage, doors, or fixtures. The focused illumination is meant to deliver details at one focal point. Unlike floodlights, spotlights offer a focused beam in narrow illumination directed to a specific area or object. When installing the spotlights, you only need to place them in critical areas. Keep in mind that the idea is not to illuminate too many points because the building will be over-lit. You can connect the spotlights to the building walls, waterways, trees, architectural features, or statues.

To choose an ideal outdoor light, you need to consider important factors such as the powering options, the style of the building, and the impact of the lighting. These factors will be helpful in giving priority to the light fixture ideal to meet your personal needs. Similarly, you need to learn the creative ways of installing the lightings to ensure that they offer necessary security and complement the appearance of the surrounding.

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