Factors to consider when selecting the most suitable parking lot lights

by Charles S.
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Parking lot lights refer to outdoor lighting features that are mostly mounted on poles and situated in real-life parking lots, pathways as well as driveways. The lights are mostly installed for providing the much-needed light around parking lots so that pedestrians and vehicles do not suffer the consequences. Parking lot lights either include a single fixture mounted on a pole or several fixtures mounted on a single pole. This means that the type of fixture and design for parking lot lights differ from one to the other. There are different types of parking lot lights like LED, HID, and High-Pressure Sodium lights. In this post, we discuss factors to consider when choosing the best parking lot lights.

  • Energy Efficiency

When choosing between the different types of parking lot lights, the primary factor to consider is the energy consumption of the lights. Keep in mind that parking lot lights are normally left on for the better part of the light. This means that they are likely to consume a lot of energy. Therefore, consider the amount of energy each type of light consumes and choose the one which is the least. LED parking lot lights are always a better option because they do not consume a lot of energy. This means that they can produce high light output without consuming high wattage.

  • Durability
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Parking lot lights are subject to damages caused by elements of weather like rain, breakage, and other losses like theft. Thus, it is essential to ensure that your choice of lights can withstand these elements. The number of hours in the life span of the light also affects its rate of durability. For instance, the total lifespan of an LED light is around 11 years. However, since parking lot lights are normally on for about six hours per day, the time translates to10 years. The elements of the lamps also affect its durability. Make sure to compare the different types of lights before choosing the most suitable. An element like theft can only be prevented by physical security and proper positioning.

  • Lighting Quality

Different types of lighting feature varying light qualities. Factors that affect the quality of lighting include the angle of illumination, rate of lighting, and the amount of light output, to name a few. Consider these factors in the different types of lights.

  • Finances

The cost of the light is influenced by the quality, availability, and several other factors. Most of the time, users trade in quality for cost. However, this always backfires when you have to replace the lights prematurely and spend more money. The costs of installation and maintenance are also factors to consider. When determining the most suitable price, make sure to consider all the factors mentioned above and more. Shopping around for different options is always a good idea as well.

Take Away

It is also wise to consider such elements as the uniformity, color, and efficiency of the different types of lights. The most commonly used type of LED parking lot lights because they have the most advantages.

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