Five Advantages of High Bay Lights

by Charles S.

High-Bay lights are used to light up spaces with tall ceilings, ranging between 20 feet and 45 feet. They are quite powerful and useful for making large areas bright. They are suitable for industrial and commercial purposes like gymnasiums, factories, sports halls, retail stores, etc. Different fittings and reflector types are available on Adiding lighting such as LEDs, fluorescent bulbs, and many others. In this write-up, we look at the advantages of high bay lights.

Advantages of High Bay Lights

1. Better Illumination

Unlike the traditional lights, light is produced and distributed evenly due to the multi-point design they possess. The levels of light given out are usually constant and does not flicker even when turned on and off. The correlated color temperatures provide the ability to control the brightness, and temperature get to a level that the eye is comfortable with, and fewer headaches are experienced. Reflectors accomplish various kinds of tasks in terms of choice of illumination. Aluminum reflectors allow light to flow directly to the floor while prismatic reflectors diffuse the light making it useful for brightening up raised objects such as shelves.

2. Energy Saving

Everyone is always looking to save a considerable amount of money when buying lighting, and the adiding LED high bay lights offer precisely that. The fixtures have a wattage of between 95 and 495 watts while the typical fixtures range between 175 to 1000 watts. They use less power but produce the same brightness as conventional light bulbs, which use more energy. Energy consumption is significantly reduced; hence the costs are cut by almost 80%.

3. Reduced Maintenance Costs

The output of bay lights degrades over some time. Once the fuel source starts reducing, they don’t go off immediately, making them ideal lighting solutions. They are durable since they don’t break easily, and their life span is increased. The lights’ average lifespan is about 50000 hours, and you are assured of good quality light for a long time. Thus, there is no need for replacing them often hence saving a considerable load of maintenance procedures and costs.

4. Fast Heat Dissipation

The lights cool off very fast once they are switched off, even if they were in use for hours. Since they never get too hot, the risk of accidents such as fires is low, and one can even touch them with bare hands. The cost of cooling is reduced as less heat is produced in the process. Lastly, traditional lights take a longer time to lose the heat; hence their safety is compromised.

5. No Emissions

LED lights produce no UV emissions compared to other lighting options. Also, the infrared light produced is very little and causes no harm. They are suitable for one’s health, and safety is assured once the installation is done in the workspaces. They are also ideal for materials that react negatively to too much heat.

Bottom Line

Installing the modern LED high bay lights in your facility is essential. Energy saving is increased, and the cost of maintenance is reduced. The lighting performance is generally improved, and spaces such as workspaces, halls, etc. become better and conducive places.

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